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Welcome To GodswMobile Guest Book

Dear valued readers,

Thank you for long time support to Godswmobile,though most people can get the main information from our official website and find the answers to the problems in the GodswMobile Support Pages, I think more interaction should be promoted in order to protect more interests of consumers.

So please add any comments if you have any questions about GodswMobile SMS Transfer , GodswMobile Contacts Transfer or GodswMobile Transfer Suite. I will reply the solution as soon as possible.

Best wishes.


59 Responses to “Welcome To GodswMobile Guest Book”

  1. Terry Yaga Says:

    Looks fanstastic, exactly what I have been looking for.
    I got HTC pro 2,is this tool suit for me?any suggestion?


    admin Reply:

    It will be friendly fo tell you GodswMobile SMS Transfer is compatible with windows mobile system,it fully support Windows Mobile 5 and it does suit for your HTC pro 2 mobile device .


  2. Beau Says:

    When I go to backup my messages, it gets to 50 percent sometimes a little more sometimes less and then the program just quits. I don’t know why it does this but I cannot fully back up all of my messages, I need help please!


    admin Reply:

    This mainly because you do not active the software correctly.
    Please note that the reg code and reg name is case sensitive.
    After activation, you can back up numerous SMS.


  3. Tony Says:

    have trouble entering the license key.Why?


    admin Reply:

    Please make sure you are using the latest version.
    Download here:
    And if is possible, please send the snapshot of the registration windows of your mobile to
    Good luck!


  4. karil Says:

    How do I uninstall your software from my mobile?


  5. Ward Says:

    How many SMS can I backup if I use the Godsw Mobile SMS Transfer?


    admin Reply:

    After activation, you can back up numerous SMS.Thank you for your support!


  6. Kevin Says:

    Does your GodswMobile SMS Transfer software work with the HTC Hero smartphone?


    admin Reply:

    GodswMobile SMS Transfer is a application for windows mobile,So I am sorry to tell you that it can not work in your HTC Hero smartphone which with Android OS.


  7. generic Says:

    In my opinion you are not right. Let’s discuss.


    admin Reply:

    discuss what?


  8. marco Says:

    hi. i have a problem.

    I backup my sms and then trasnfer the .stf file in my pc.

    When i use the import function with smstranfermanager.exe i receive this pop-up message :

    parameter not correct
    i say that aforetime i contrive to trasnfer import a backup file and trasnfer my sms in txt file in my pc.

    How can i resolve that problem?i do the same procedure of when i contrive the transfer in my pc


    admin Reply:

    Are you sure that the file you backued is suffixed with *STF?
    More questions please sent email to


    admin Reply:

    Are you sure that the file you backued is suffixed with *STF?
    More questions please sent email to



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  13. Caroyln Koewler Says:

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  14. Lorean Mcinerny Says:

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  15. Sandi Stahmer Says:

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  16. Norman Scavone Says:

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  17. Harold Says:

    I have a HTC Touch Prop 2, when I try to backup make contact list just as it finishes the backup , the operation errors out and when I try to import the file and open it, it is corrupted. How do I fix this problem?


    admin Reply:

    hello dear, GodswMobile Contacts Transfer has been updated to V2.1, please download the latest version from here:
    more information please read:
    GodswMobile Contacts Transfer
    Update of GodswMobile Products

    Any questions you can also send an email to

    Kind wishes,


  18. Glen Says:


    I’m very interested in trying your sms transfer application, I have over 1000 sms messages that I need to backup from a phone that is rapidly failing. However, when I downloaded .zip file for the trial version, it doesn’t contain the GodswMobileSMSTransferSetup.CAB file to install to my phone – have I downloaded the wrong file? I would really appreciate your help!


    admin Reply:

    Hi Glen,
    Thank you for choosing GodswMobile SMS Transfer,you can click here to download the latest version:
    More information please read:
    Please contact us if you have further questions about the software.


  19. Lee Says:


    Good piece of software, thanks.

    One small problem when I’m restoring my text messages it gets to about 42% and comes up with a error Message 2434 Parse reciepant and stops! The software is a fully licence version.




    admin Reply:

    Hello Lee,
    Would you plz tell me what kind of mobile device are you using now? Our products are generally compatible with windows mobile 5/6.
    I am pleased to suggest you delete the messages in your draft box and try again.
    if you have further questions, please contact me.



  20. MikeV Says:

    BTW, I am using a HTC Touch Pro 2 phone.


  21. Anil Sharda Says:

    Hello, why are you not replying to my blog post and emails???? I have fully paid for your software and am not happy with your suppport. PLease respond today. Thank you.


    admin Reply:

    We deeply apologize for that. If there’s anything we can do for you, please do let us know. We are more than pleased to do it for you. Thank you very much for your support.


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